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As a mother of six, I have personally experienced the importance of nurturing each child as the individuals that they are. I take special notice to ensure that each child has his or her unique and individual needs assessed. Every day, activity and interaction is adjusted to bring out the best in each child in my care. While I provide structure in areas of importance such as snack times, lunch, and naps. We often choose together what adventures we will share each day! While some children join us as a group, others may choose to play independently. Age appropriate free choices and independence are strongly encouraged to allow children to explore their passions and interests in hopes of developing a lifelong love for learning. Daily story and circle times are times where we ask all children to join as a group to practice listening, stretch our attention spans a bit, and learn how to direct focus to the teachers or peers in charge. We are very into nature at Ryleigh’s Room and when the Michigan temperatures permit us, will spend as much time as we can outdoors exploring our sandbox, water wall, digging in the earth for hidden treasures or just running and jumping off some of that young energy. Our playground in enclosed separately from our main yard and is designed specifically for the safety and mindset of young children.

During school breaks or days off, your child will be excited to have my older children home where they love to engage and entertain the little ones with handmade lesson plans, fun science experiments, baking or even creating little plays and skits. It is always an exciting day for the little ones when the "Big" kids are home!

We are dedicated to creating fun and lasting memories for children of all ages.

To reserve your child's place at Ryleighs Room this season, call or contact us at "director@ryleighsroomdexter.com".

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